By Mike Miesch


Years ago while sleeping; I clamped down on my teeth in my sleep and broke a tooth which really hurt.  I said, “Lord why did you allow me to break a tooth in my sleep.”  The Lord said: “So that you can participate in My suffering.”


A painful nerve disease called Shingles.

In 1973 my mother came down with shingles, which is a painful nerve disease.  I started fasting to see if I could get the victory for my mother through prayer and fasting. On the 6th day of my fast, on nothing but water, I had a picture of myself laying hands on someone.  I heard a voice that said: prayer without fasting has no authority”.  I knew the Lord was telling me to continue fasting.  On the 15th day of my fast on nothing but water my mother was healed of shingles. 


I am going to tell it just like it is.

After the community made the Covenant in 1973, they formed household share groups. After five years or so, most of the share groups in the community had broken up.  At this time there were four shares groups that started from our household group.  There were as many as 45 people meeting in our home for prayer and scripture study.  In 1978 or 1979 the leaders of the community made the decision to ask one of the elder of the Community to move to Irving and take over.  I know now that was the right decision but at the time I was extremely angry and bitter.  I felt the leader of the Community had rejected and mistreated Ann and I.  I was ready to leave the Community.


Encounter with angels

I have had many visions and encounters with angels.  They touch me to wake me up to pray or when I fall asleep while praying. Two angels appeared to me in a dream and told me that I was not to leave the Community.  I told them I was leaving the Community.  Both angels grabbed me and said you are going to stay in the Community.  I said, “OK, OK, OK”.  I was told that if I stayed in the Community the Lord would bless me beyond anything I can imagine. 


I cultivated my anger for three years which caused me to have intense pain up and down my back and neck.  I could not turn my head.  I had to turn my whole body to turn my head.  I had problems getting in and out bed and turning over in bed.  There was no peace in my body.  I went to a Chiropractor.  He told me that I had a heredity situation that I was going have to learn to live with it.  Walking away from his office the scripture Romans 8:26 came to me about praying in the Spirit for our infirmities – that the Spirit makes intercession for our infirmities according to the will of God when we do not know how to pray.


Romans 8:26: Like wise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us . . .  KJV


I have been a daily Communicant since Lent of 1970.  I have fasted from two to five days each week on coffee or water for 28 years.  I have spent two to three hours in prayers every day since 1970.


         I made the decision to pray five minutes in the Spirit for 20 different intentions including my neck and back every day.  This is 100 minutes above my two to three hours of regular prayer time each day.  After a month and half, I was able to turn my head and the pain was comfortable.  Because I was tired of spending so much time in prayer above my regular prayer time, I quit praying in tongues every day.   A year or so later, I started praying in tongues again for all of my intentions.  After another month and half, I could freely turn my head with no pain or discomfort.


         Now what is interesting is that even though I continued to spend two to three hours each day in prayer, continued going to daily Mass and fasting every week, the healing in my neck and body did not continue until I started praying in tongues again.  If it had not been for the gift of tongues, I would be in intense pain today.

I believe the Lord wanted to really encourage me to pray more often in tongues.  The Lord told our prayer group that we do not know what a gift He has given us to pray in tongues. 

St. Paul said even though he did not know what he was saying when he prayed in tongues, he thanked God that he prayed in tongues more than anyone.  Paul wished that we all prayed in tongues.  I try to spend at least 15 minutes every day praying tongues.   The Spirit makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God when we pray in tongues.


Deep Anger

A friend of mine had deep anger and serious medical problems.  I told him he had to repent of his anger and his resentment.  Finally he told me that he had repented of his anger and resentment.  I asked the Lord if he had repented of his sins the Lord said, “Yes!” 

I said Lord: the scripture says if you confess your sins, you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and that you will cast our sins into the depth of the sea to never be remembered again.  Since he continues to suffer, it is like you are remembering his sins.  The Lord said, “No!” When he repented of his sins, I lifted him out of a vat of dye and saved him from drowning.  The stain of the dye remained on his skin.  The stain can only be removed by prayer, fasting and suffering.


Our sins are forgiven when we go to confession and repent for our sins.  Though our sins are forgiven, we still have to make reparations for our sins.  Reparation comes through prayer, fasting and suffering.  Fasting is a form of suffering.  It is extremely important that we ask the Lord to help us to remember, repent and make reparation for all of our sins.  Satan has no authority over sins that have been repented for but he does have authority over sins that have not been repented.


When my mother came down with cancer in 1984, I told Satan that I was going to turn heaven and hell upside down to get the victory.  During my fast, I was viciously attacked.  The first seven days it was like I had something caught in my throat.  I could drink water and it passed through but there was no relief.  I had severe cramps and pain that jumped from one part of my body to another.  On the seventh day of my fast the power of God came down real strong at an all night prayer vigil here at Mt. St. Michael at 4 o’clock in the morning.   I knew my mother was healed.   The Lord would not let me come off the fast as I needed to make some reparation for my mother’s anger.  This was between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I did not want to be fasting at this time as there are too many parties between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I begged Lord each day to let me come off the fast.  He said, “No!”  The Lord kept me on this fast, no food, just water for 28 days.  This was the easiest fast I had ever been on.  I did not lose much weight and no one could tell that I was on a fast.  My mother’s cancer was gone. The Lord said that He used my fast to touch people all over the world.



Prostate Cancer

In 2014 I went to my doctor for a check-up.  My PSA was 25.  A second PSA showed 24, and a biopsy was positive for prostate cancer.   I knew I had what I considered mild resentment.   Any mild resentment can open us to be attacked by Satan. 

I repented for my sins, and then Ann and I went on two separate three days fast on nothing but water for a total of 12 days.   I went back to my personal physician and told him that I wanted another PSA test.  He asked, “Why!”  I told him that my wife, Ann and I had just come off a 12 days fast asking the Lord to heal me.  I told him that I have faith that the cancer is no longer there.  If the cancer is no longer there, the PSA should drop.  The doctor said if the PSA dropped, he will start fasting tomorrow.  The PSA did drop from 25 to 1.3.


My urologist did not believe I was cancer free.   He ran a bone scan and a cat scan two times a year apart.  There was no evidence of cancer.  It took three years for my urologist to tell me that he was not treating me for cancer, that he was treating me for an enlarged prostrate.  I do not know why he said that as he had previously told me that my prostrate had greatly shrunk.  I believe he wants to keep me as a customer.



Suffering is a form of reparation.

Reparation comes through prayer, fasting and suffering.

Some prayers cannot be answered without fasting.


I urge each of you to:

        1. Understand that your sins are forgiven once you repent for them at reconciliation.

        2. But- Reparations are required to wash away the stain caused by sin.

        3. Lift up your suffering small and large for your own sins and the sins of others.

        4.  Increase your daily prayer time.

5.  Spend more time praying in tongues daily. 

        6.  If you have not received the gift of tongues, pray for the gift.

        7.  Add fasting to your prayer arsenal.

        8.  I have found that fasting gets the Lord attention real quick and that my prayers are answered quickly when I fast.

        My mother was healed of shingles, and cancer and I was healed of prostate cancer through prayer and fasting.  In my book “Seven Vital Truths for God’s Children”, you can read of the numerous healings and victories that I received through prayer and fasting.